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I’m Anna Rova and I’m here to help you get Claimed

I’m a Femininity & Feminine Embodiment Coach with more than 200 Claimed podcast interviews under my belt. The conversations I’ve had with real women world-wide, hundreds of hours coaching, plus my own personal experience have shown me what relationship success really means for women in today’s world. I’ve used this approach in my own relationship, and I can tell you first-hand that you can attract a committed, masculine man without cheat sheets and dating tricks, but simply by being yourself and embracing your undeniable feminine essence.

I'll show you how.

My journey

the Claimed podcast

Wanna hear the truth about what real women have found when they let their men take the lead?

This is it, the inside story: genuine conversations with women and men, as well as my own stories about sustainable relationship success and how we get here by embracing powerful polarity dynamics. We're not afraid to explore the issues that modern women face when dating and the steps they've taken to attract their committed, masculine counterpart. Not through cheat sheets and text guides but through raw, vulnerable and embodied femininity.

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We run a powerful coaching program for women who want to attract a committed, masculine man without gimmicks, dating tricks or sleazy techniques.

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