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Your Femininity & Feminine Embodiment Coach

My super power is helping successful women attract and keep a masculine man. My transformational program, the powerful Claimed podcast and blog have all helped women redefine female success, embody femininity and introduce the idea of polarity in their relationships and lives. The hundreds of hours spent helping my clients position themselves to attract and land a masculine man wasn’t through cheap tricks and manipulation, but with real, sustainable changes from within themselves through feminine embodiment. When women are really ready to invest in rediscovering their femininity, a whole new world opens up to them—a world filled with secure, powerful, committed men.

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My journey

While my journey as a coach evolved and the deeper I dug into women’s views on love, sex, success and happiness, the more clear the patterns became: women are yearning to lean into their femininity in their daily lives and, more importantly, with their partners. Believe it or not, the desire to be with a masculine man is deeply rooted in so many women, but they struggle to ask for it — what’s worse is they don’t give themselves permission to want it. This is when I started to focus on empowering these women; I helped them reimagine their feminine ideal, so they can allow themselves to be provided for and protected by a strong man.

I’m here to guide you through a transformation that starts with accepting and embracing what you want; giving yourself permission to surrender control, let go, and trust a man to lead. My take on it? The more powerfully you embrace your own feminine essence, the more masculine men will embrace you!

Sounds good? Well, it's possible, and he's waiting for you.

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