Stepping Into The Woman I Was Born To Be

Lessons learned from becoming a feminine leader, a multiple 6-figure business owner and a visionary who is leading a movement of conscious, successful women who want to embrace their true nature, shed the layers of beliefs and preconceived notions about men, relationships and themselves.

I present to you the new Anna Rova.

The 2020 version of me.

The coach, the leader, the business woman, the visionary, the mother, the wife.

The woman who I always wanted to be.

In the midst of all the world craziness and the shitiest year to date, I have a story to tell about this year that’s a little different.

I have come to full bloom in 2020 🌸.

I can proudly say that this year I fully stepped into the woman I was born to be: a feminine leader, a multiple 6-figure business owner and a visionary who is leading a movement of conscious, successful women who want to embrace their true nature, shed the layers of beliefs and preconceived notions about men, relationships and themselves.

Looking back I can’t believe that this is the same girl from Chisinau, Moldova who knew she was destined for greatness but had no idea that it’s actually possible.

This year has been hard in many respects but it has also been the most transformational year for me in terms of personal, business and income growth. I am humbled, grateful and truly in awe of how far I have come since just this January.

There are 60+ women in my CLAIMED program who are getting amazing results and attracting great men into their lives, revamping their current relationships and transforming into the women they were born to be: wild and free (we teach what we came here to learn.)

I am also a wife and a lover to a great masculine man and a mother to the cutest daughter Zoe. I’m craving for another baby more than ever too!

My life isn’t perfect but it’s pretty damn great.

Here is what has contributed to my success and the lessons I would pass on to others + my current biggest challenge and growth opportunity:

1. Investment in myself. In the beginning of the year we invested in 2 high-level masterminds: the first one for building a business model that is scalable (thank you Sam Ovens) and the other one for Feminine Leadership (Thank you Jenna Ward.) Having a combination of both feminine and masculine support systems has kept me supported, nourished and sane along this journey. Not to say that I didn’t burn out but more on that later.

2. Borrowing masculine energy and big balls from men. A big part of this success is making BIG BOLD decisions (investing in myself is one of them) which I could have never done without the men in my life. Of course, the first and foremost man who’s pushed this to the total next level is String Nikolic. We bought a domain name which has cost us A LOT of money (please don’t ask, I can’t even comprehend it myself yet,) we invested in a top notch branding & design company to rebrand Girlskill into CLAIMED, we invested big time in a photoshoot and we have also invested in a powerful high level sales training for me and my team. These are decisions that I couldn’t have taken myself and that I had to rely on and trust the masculine in my life, especially men.

3. Focusing on 1 offer, 1 funnel & 1 message. While everybody else is selling 145 different offers and creating new products, I’ve focused on creating, marketing and selling 1 offer: my CLAIMED group coaching program for single successful women who want to attract committed masculine men. With this laser focus I was able to hone into what’s the most important and stay on course. Again, Sam Ovens is to thank for that!

4. Focusing on client results. This has been my biggest learning. If I focus on client results, everything else will come. And it has been so. I am fueled and nourished by the women I work with and every share and every result is celebrated big time. I’ve laughed with them, I’ve cried with them, I’ve enjoyed their aha moments and I’ve sat in the discomfort with them. Working with women is my most pleasurable aspect and my zone of genius and as long as I focus on providing the best possible result, the money, the influence and the satisfaction will come.

5. Building a team. At this stage of the business I’m stepping away from discovery calls and from 1–1 coaching calls and hiring someone else to do that for me while I focus on powerful group experiences, creating incredible content and leading a team. The other day one of my team members mentioned to me that I am the first employer she actually aspires to be like as a leader… What a gift to be playing that role for someone else. I didn’t see myself as a team leader before but now I do and I know this is also my zone of genius. I love people and I love working with people and I would love to be remembered as the best boss someone has ever had. This is what business is also about: working with people and creating opportunities we can all enjoy instead of dreading the moment you start “work.” Yuck!

6. Mentors & support systems. I have many teachers and mentors I learn from. Some good, some bad, some are the best. Everyone is a teacher, there is a lesson everywhere. I learn from my coaches and teachers, I learn from my clients and fans, I learn from my haters and I learn from my husband and my daughter. I thank all of them for being part of my life and teaching me the lessons I need to learn.

But, friends, all of this success isn’t all flowers and rainbows. I hate to admit that this success is bittersweet at the moment.

I have achieved what I always wanted in terms of contribution and influence, income and profit goals but it’s hard being a woman playing by masculine rules in the business world. And that has led me to exhaustion, flatness and dryness. That has led me to a model that is not sustainable to be in as a feminine essence woman and I feel that so many women are struggling with the same thing. But deep down inside I know that there is a way for us women to have what we want (not all at the same time though) in a way that makes us feel alive and juicy as we’re doing it and not only enjoying the numbers and the results.

In fact, the numbers don’t mean anything to me if I feel numb, flat and exhausted at that destination. So, yet again, I embark on the next journey of exploring femininity, feminine energy and womanhood as a new business woman — the woman I always wanted to be. And it feels like this next challenge is what I’ll be passing on when I arrive at that special place.

My next challenge is stepping into these 3 words:


~ Onwards,

Anna Rova