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October 22, 2021

#221: A Letter to Women with Chris Reynolds

Chris is the embodiment of what we’d call a committed masculine man and this is his second interview on the Claimed Podcast.

The founder of The Business Method, he hosts masterminds for high-level entrepreneurs and has a fascination for neuroscience (fun fact: he even has his own brain scanner which he uses to help his clients optimize their performance).

His interest in the subject of men and masculinity began in childhood. Growing up in rural, blue-collar Missouri, he spent a lot of time outdoors and developed a love for “manly” pursuits like fishing, learning how to survive in the wild, driving tractors. These experiences ignited a passion in him for the importance of men’s leadership and a curiosity around the differences between men and women and how we complement one another.

When Chris reached out to Anna to share a letter he had written to women, she knew it was something the women in the Claimed community needed to hear.

“They are women that aren’t afraid to travel alone. Women that have dreams and they pursue those dreams like a female wolf would pursue its prey to feed its young. They are the women that have build tribes. They nurture their tribes and empower their tribes. They are women that belong to tribes and love the members of their tribes with open hearts. They give love in an incredibly powerful way. A way that confuses many weak men. They sometimes find it hard to find men that can keep up with them because of the way they move through the world.”

Join us for a masculine man’s perspective on women, men, and the dynamics between them. Here are the details of this episode:

  • Chris gives a powerful reading of “A Letter to Women”
  • The definition of an amazing woman
  • Gender politics, polarity & feminine men
  • Gamma men & women vs. Alpha/Beta (& healthy vs. toxic traits of masculinity & femininity)
  • Interdependence & “co-optition” vs. Independence & competition
  • And a lot more…

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