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October 14, 2021

#220: Small Town Problems & The Power of Letting Men Lead: Dating Q&A with Anna Rova

Earlier this year, as a warm-up to my last live webinar before going on maternity leave, I did a series of live Q&As on Instagram where I popped in daily to answer your burning questions about dating.

As a woman living in a small town in Wisconsin where everyone basically knows each other, Abigail wanted to know how she should navigate dating multiple men. This is rule #1 of the “10 Rules of Being Claimed,” which is "You Create Your Dating Funnel, Men Compete."

What should she do, for example, to avoid things getting awkward if they all end up at the same event together and bump into each other?

Then there was Lara who has been following my advice about letting men lead in dating when it comes to making plans but said she felt "lazy" not reaching out in between dates and "leaving all the work to him."

How much initiation is enough to let him know you're interested and when is it okay to take charge as a woman?

Join us as we discuss:

  • Why we should never date just one man at a time (competition is completely natural)
  • How to shift our perspective when it comes to dating (it's like "shopping for shoes," ladies)
  • Being careful with intimacy during dating (why sex = attachment for women)
  • The dating game & how to play it so that it's actually fun (no manipulative tips and tricks required)
  • Paying attention to what feels good in your body more than any dating "rules" (even mine)
  • Ideas for how to connect & engage with men in a playful, feminine way (without chasing or leading them)