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September 30, 2021

#219: The 4-Step Process to Reframing Your Limiting Beliefs About Men

If I were to describe the work we do with women in the Claimed group coaching program it would boil down to these three concepts:

  1. Feminine/Masculine Polarity
  2. Feminine Embodiment
  3. Reframing Limiting Beliefs

Today, I want to share with you the 4-step process to reframing limiting beliefs about men that my clients use every day to make the biggest shift and transform the kind of men they’re attracting.

Limiting beliefs are basically what's subconsciously driving your patterns of attracting emotionally unavailable men, men who’re toxic, or men who are in their feminine energy.

It’s crucial that you do this work if you want to shift and transform in powerful ways so you can have the relationship that you want.

First, let’s look at an example of how this is done in practice.

Here is a screenshot from our private Claimed group from Stephanie:

What powerful awareness!

Here is the 4-step process and the questions you can use to go through it:

  1. Identify limiting belief (+ payoff)
  2. Reframe into new belief
  3. Release old belief
  4. Embody new belief

Let’s dissect.

Step 1: Identifying limiting beliefs + Payoff

  • Limiting belief:
  • Actions are created by this thought/belief:
  • Identify the payoff:
  • How am I right/better/justified in thinking this thought?
  • Why am I unable to change?
  • What do I think/do/get that makes me feel better about myself when I think this thought & act it out in the world?
  • What is deep below this?

Step 2: Reframe into new belief

  • Who would you be without this belief?
  • How would you show up in the world without this belief?
  • What is a more positive thought or belief your body wants to believe?
  • What action would this new belief have you take?

Step 3 & 4: Release old belief and embody new belief using feminine embodiment practices and coaching (this is where I come into the picture as your coach and your guide.)

I hope this framework will be able to help move through and overcoming your beliefs about men so you can start attracting better men.

Because you’re worthy.

And because you deserve it.

P.S. When I asked Stephanie whether I can share her realizations, here is what she wrote:

Stephanie LS message

Make the biggest change, shift and transform who you are and what kind of men you’re attracting