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August 26, 2021

#215: Feeling & Looking Your Best Beyond 40 with Sylvia Van De Logt

Sylvia Van De Logt is the Editor in Chief at 40+ Style, an online magazine and community that helps women to feel and look their best. Not just after 40, but at any age. And not just from the outside but also from the inside.

She has a refreshingly practical and down-to-earth approach to style. It’s not about having to dress a certain way or follow a set of rules. It’s about getting to know yourself and having fun!

“Even though I think it’s really important that you look after yourself and that you have a sense of style, I also don’t think that it should be too much of a focus. When you want to dress up and do all those things, go ahead! But when you just want to be casually simple and don’t want to wear make up, that is totally fine, too. I’m very much about just being who you want to be at any given time and being totally okay with that.”

Join us for a powerful discussion about feeling and looking our best through all stages of our lives as women. Here are the details of this episode:

  • Our limiting beliefs about fashion, make-up & style being frivolous and only for women of no depth
  • The principles of dressing well & why it all begins with understanding our style personality
  • Why we don’t have to be too strict about sticking to the “right” colors for our skin tone & hair color
  • The art of standing out in a way we’re comfortable with by picking unique accessories & items according to our style
  • How we can all look our absolute best by highlighting or downplaying certain parts of our body, especially as we age
  • The importance of keeping a streamlined wardrobe (not too many “orphans” or repeat items) & developing our own style “formulas”
  • And a lot more…