Working with successful women to attract committed masculine men

My super power is helping successful women attract and keep a masculine man. My transformational program has helped hundreds of women redefine female success, embody femininity and introduce the idea of polarity in their relationships and lives. You can hear some of their stories on this page.

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Monica Mendoza (California)

"I was the masculine in my relationship, and through the whole program I have shedded that identity little by little. It feels great!!! My sex life is even better."

Partice Patrick (Los Angeles)

"I felt like I was pushing so hard to get somebody to love me... Now my whole life has flipped upside down in the best way."

Natasha Galperin (Las Vegas)

From “in charge” (and alone) to magnetizing her masculine man.

Client roundtable #4

Beautiful, successful women get real about getting claimed with Nathalie, Sonia & Cristina

Client roundtable #2

Changing the feminine/masculine polarity when already in a relationship with Melanie, Emilia & Stephanie

Emilia Zados (Melbourne)

"I have so much more compassion and understanding for the man I am seeing, rather than reacting to why he doesn't see things the same as me"

Lindsay Studnicka

The Claimed program helped Lindsay to move into a more meaningful career role, working less and making more

Chandler Boyarko (Virginia)

"Right away, the quality of men that I started encountering and the quality of men that I started turning away led me to magnetize the type of guys that I was looking for."

Holly (Las Vegas)

Holly, an attorney from Las Vegas, shares her journey in the claimed program.

Waylon Lewis (Elephant Journal)

My interview on Elephant Journal about dating & relationships.

Lindsay Studnicka

Lindsay describes her experience in the Claimed program and why she recommends jumping on a free discovery call.

Jodi Ward (Utah)

"I Started to Attract Better Men!"

Client roundtable #3

Becoming selfish, experiencing great men & getting unstuck with Angie, Michelle and Samantha

Shanna C. (Utah)

Shanna asked for data, research results, and proof… She got a masculine man instead!

Client roundtable #5

Synchronicity and finding great men in wild places with Alexis, Ashley & Vee

Naomi Pereira (Texas)

"I am in tune now with what I want to do in life"

Anna Mayr (Italy)

Created a life on her terms and with more confidence

Melissa Killeleagh (New York)

"This isn't just about finding a committed masculine man. It's life altering."

Anna Wickham (Oklahoma)

"Thank you so much for the work you do, Anna. It is so needed!"

Natalia Galovska (New York)

"I am more approachable and it’s fun and very freeing"

Client roundtable #1

Single, fabulous and starting to attract amazing men with Bonnie, Alex & Andrea

Client roundtable #6

Claimed members share what's working in dating right now

Melanie Wessels (Netherlands)

“The secret sisterhood to embody your feminine soul!”

Sarah Janicki (Montana)

"Men started treating me totally different after coaching!"

Anita Garcia (California)

"I hit the jackpot in my search for what it means to be feminine and understanding men"

Shannon Nash (California)

"The quality of men that I’m attracting is just so different from what it used to be"

Dana Sharkey (Connecticut)

Finally off the hamster wheel of broken relationships.

Jennifer Mather (Connecticut)

"I see my relationships with my son & husband differently"

Stephanie Heinz (Melbourne)

"I didn't expect the extent to which things have shifted within me and my life has improved."

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