Why Your Ambitions Won’t Keep You Warm at Night

It’s time to stop sleeping with Ambition and accept your call to adventure into yourself, your femininity and meeting your committed masculine man

Meet Jacki, a successful woman who works in investment banking.

Jacki has been in a relationship with Ambition for quite some time.

This relationship is not 100% fulfilling but Jacki goes with it because that’s all she knows.

Ambition will never let her down.

Ambition is emotionally available.

Ambition drives her forward through life.

She can trust it.

She can rely on it.

Even if there is no one else to support her, Ambition’s got her back.

She can stand on her own two feet when Ambition is present…

But, late at night, when her beautiful head hits the pillow and Ambition is right there next to her…

It’s cold.

And lonely.

And empty.

Especially, because Jacki’s hitting the magic number of 35 and isn’t getting any younger.

Her Ambition becomes more mature with her.

It taught her to develop a thick skin. To build walls. To cope with the harshness of the world.

Ambition is her best companion.

It hisses at the other women who are always so judgmental.

The envy in their green eyes. The jealousy and their black hearts.

Ambition got her to where she is today: on top of her professional game.

Breaking the glass ceiling.

Hitting targets.


Ambition has brought her many degrees and qualifications.

Accolades and merits.

Awards and recognition.

The only thing ambition hasn’t brought her is a committed masculine man.

And she doesn’t quite understand why…

“Am I not the full package?!”

“Am I not the best deal on the market?!”

“Where are all the good men?!”

“What am I doing wrong”?!

And she feels it in her bones…

The closer she gets to gets to 35, the cold winds from the North are starting to blow stronger and stronger…

And the more she explores and drops into her yearning to surrender and let go of control and let, Ambition isn’t that sexy anymore.

Ambition doesn’t do the job.

But Jacki isn’t sure what to do about it because the women in Jacki’s family and surroundings haven’t been great men around.

The 3Ds have ruled the lives of the females in her clan.

Divorce. Dismemberment. Death.

That is her predicament.

To Jacki, Ambition became what a glass of nice brandy is to an old soul.

It keeps her “safe” and protects her from the sorrows of broken hearts and shattered relationship dreams but it won’t save her from the growing loneliness and the despair inside.

And Ambition doesn’t want to share his rightful place with anyone.

Not even that cute guy who’s trying to break through to Jacki…

Not even the women around her who are trying to climb the barbed wire Jacki has build around her but can’t get through.

So now Jacki stands in front of a difficult choice…

To open up her heart, become vulnerable, get out of her comfort zone and let someone help her soften and let go of the need to achieve, prove and push…

Or to keep going and finally accept that marriage proposal from Ambition and settle.

This choice is the most uncomfortable choice of her life.

It’s harder than closing multi-million dollar deals.

It’s harder than managing a team of 50.

And it’s definitely harder than competing with men.

This territory is unknown to her.

Ambition is powerless here.

Jacki will have to do this alone.

Come back to herself.

Drop below the layers of who awards, accolades and achievements.

Before everyone else told her to go seduce Ambition and make him her lifelong companion.

Before Ambition has helped her build all the hard and rigid walls.

And before Jacki convinced herself that to succeed in love she must succeed in life playing by masculine terms.

Jacki will have to face the harsh reality that men don’t care about her achievements.

Men don’t want to compete with her.

Men don’t want Ambition in bed with them.

That is not the threesome they had in mind.

What will Jacki choose?

What will you choose?

The hard way or the easy way?

Funny enough, just before Jacki makes the final and irrevocable choice, the Universe is testing her.

A bigger job opportunity shows up on the horizon…

Oh, the temptation!

Bigger paycheck, nicer car, another accomplishment.

Another “I’m so proud of you,” from family and friends.

She can just bury herself in it again and have Ambition lay down with her.

And so, as usual, Jacki leans towards what’s familiar. What’s comfortable. What she knows she can easily do.

But Jacki, is this really what you want?

You’ve done it.

You’ve proved that you can do it.

You’ve played with the big boys and won.

Can you afford to wait and waste your best years on another opportunity?

Will you keep swimming upstream or accept the challenge to jump into the deepest exploration of yourself, your true feminine nature that yearns to surrender, let go of control and let your man lead?

Will you accept this call to adventure?

The choice is yours.

No matter what you choose, I’ll be waiting on the other side.

With Love,

Anna Rova