How I Got My Inspiration & Curiosity Back After Burnout & Feeling Flat

In the last few weeks I’ve been feeling flat. And feeling flat is a dangerous zone fo me as a creative business owner, content creator and as a woman, wife and mother…

First I followed my own medicine and allowed myself to simply sit with this flatness and welcome it in my body…

Without doing anything about it.

Without having to know the answer.

And without trying to fix it all right now. (Something I was always doing in the past but not anymore.)

It’s quite difficult for someone like me to simply sit in the discomfort but after doing years of feminine embodiment and coaching women through it, I know that this is the only way I can go through this without being miserable and it will actually work faster.

Anyhow, while sitting with it I realized that the cause of this flatness is me trying to do it all, do it all at once and do it like a man. In one of my previous posts I’ve shared that after hitting our biggest numbers in terms of clients and revenue last month, I felt nothing.

I felt numb.

And feeling numb is death for me…

I wasn’t excited to write anymore.

I wasn’t jazzed about recording interviews for my podcast… No one was interesting enough…

I wasn’t showing up fully for myself and my clients.

So while sitting in this numbness and welcoming it in my body I started opening up…

I realized that what I’m missing here is INSPIRATION & CURIOSITY.

So I started looking for it.

I allowed more space in my calendar (thank you to my incredible team) and in my body.

I started reconnecting to my passions outside of my work: creativity, coloring books, fashion design, style, beauty, sensuality.

As I started to explore these subjects, inspiration kicked in and I made a list of things I need and want to invite inspiration & curiosity in. Here is what I did as a result:

✨ Cleared my calendar by hiring top talent who can support me in my vision as I focus on what’s most important

✨ Signed up for 2 #psychologyofstyle courses + a personal Style Statement consultation with Anna Sharlay (an amazing Russian stylist who’s currently blowing my mind away with her depth of knowledge and expertise about psychology of style.) I’ll be studying with this woman for the whole year ahead!

✨ Speaking of Russian… Super interesting how I switch to Russian influencers and courses if I need a break in my day-to-day life… I think it connects me to my roots and I feel like home when I am immersed into Russian. I also noticed that this is one of my secret weapons that brings a different flavor and texture to my work. A lot of times I manage to bring the Eastern European in me into my work and it provides a different layers to everything I do.

✨ Signed up for pole dancing classes again! Starting next week!

✨ Asked String to buy me a comfortable chair! Can’t believe I was sitting on an IKEA chair for so long doing so many calls a day 🤦‍♀️

✨ Flowers! Asked String to make sure I’m always surrounded by flowers in our kitchen and on my desk.

✨ Made a commitment to being surrounded by beauty. It feels my feminine essence and reminds me to enjoy the moment.

✨ Excited about starting the Yoni Club course in September with Bonnie Bliss to get in touch even more with my sensuality and sexuality! Check out my interview with Bonnie here.

✨ Also jazzed about starting an immersive course with Stevie Says Social on how to up my Instagram game. Can’t wait!

So here it is.

My game plan for staying curious, inspired and spacious!

IT HAS TO COME FROM OUTSIDE OF WORK for me and it is PARAMOUNT that I stay in this space because otherwise everything and everyone around me is dull. That’s the power I have as a woman. 🌹

Curious, have you been in flat states before? How did you get out? How did you find your inspiration?